A complete web framework for Ruby

Lotus is Open Source Software for MVC web development.
It's simple, fast and lightweight.


A complete framework

Lotus is lightweight, fast and testable. It aims to bring back Object Oriented Programming to web development, leveraging a stable API, minimal DSL and plain objects.


Lotus is Open Source Software, which strives for simplicity, less DSLs, minimal conventions, more objects, zero monkey-patching and the separation of concerns between MVC layers.

It suggests best practices, but it leaves all the freedom to you, the developer, to build your own architecture, with your own objects.

Lotus is made of standalone frameworks (controllers, views, etc.) and each one is shipped as an independent gem to emphasize the separation of concerns.

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Lotus is made of many frameworks.


Full stack web applications
GemAPISource Code


Model layer for Lotus
GemAPISource Code


Rack compatible, lightweight and fast HTTP Router for Lotus
GemAPISource Code


View layer for Lotus
GemAPISource Code


Ruby core extensions and class utilities for Lotus
GemAPISource Code


Controller layer for Lotus
GemAPISource Code