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Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

These days, if you own a phone or computer then you have probably used the Cloud at some point or another. The Cloud has been around for some time now and many of us are aware of its existence, but we don’t really understand how it works. Our phones and laptops constantly remind us of […]

Movies Online: Where and How to Watch Anything you Want

7 Pro Tips to Creating and Hosting a Killer Website

Understanding Modern Tech: How GPS Works

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Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

These days, if you own a phone or computer then you have probably used the Cloud at some point or another. The Cloud has been around for some time now and many of us are aware of its existence, but we don’t really understand how it works. Our phones and laptops constantly remind us of the presence of the Cloud, but many of us don’t understand how to properly utilize all of its available functions.  

If this lack of familiarity with the Cloud is something that you can relate to, then worry not. Here is how the Cloud works so you can understand how to use it properly. 

Upload pictures and videos 

If you are someone that has a device, you will be more than aware of just how limited you are in terms of memory. This is especially the case if you are someone that likes to take pictures and plenty of videos, as there is only so much space on a phone and computer along with the room that is already being used up by other applications.  

This is one of the main uses of the Cloud. People upload their photos and videos there as which means that they do not have to use up all of the memory that they have on their devices. What many people do not know is that once you have all of your photos uploaded to the Cloud, you can access them from essentially any device as long as you have all of the necessary login details. 

If you are someone that owns a digital photo screen or you have purchased a digital screen in general from, then you will be able to link your Cloud account to these digital screens and display any pictures or videos that you may wish to put on the screens.  


If you are someone that has had to replace your phone at one point or another, then you have probably had the extremely annoying experience of having to transfer all of your contact details to your phone, which can be annoying if you have a lot of contacts. Thanks to the Cloud, all of the contacts that you had on a previous device can be transferred straight to your brand new device without having to do any of the work for yourself.  

Note Sync 

If you are someone that finds yourself making lots of notes on your devices throughout the day, then you may get frustrated when you have to try and remember which device you have made the notes on. If you use the Cloud, then all of the notes that you make on your devices will Sync and you will be able to access them no matter which device you are currently using. There is no point in making notes if you are only going to forget where you have stored them, so being able to do this is extremely useful. 

Movies Online: Where and How to Watch Anything you Want

Recently cinemas have unfortunately had to remain closed due to the potential spread of the deadly coronavirus. For all of you movie buffs out there, you may be craving the feeling of sitting back in a cinema eating popcorn and destroying a Tango ice blast. Unfortunately, it does not look like this will be possible for some time now.  

This does not mean that you have to abandon your love of cinema. Though there are limitations on the films that are being released around the world until the cinemas open back up, there are still films being released every month. This means that there is a new catalog of films out there that you may not have even seen.  

A lot of you may feel discouraged to jump into these new films while you are unable to enjoy the cinema experience. But what is stopping you from watching these films at home from the comfort of your own bed?  Watching movies at home can be better in many ways. You don’t have to pay excessive cinema prices, you can eat any snack that you want and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.  

Even if the idea of watching a film at home seems appealing to you, you may not know where to even look. The great thing about having easy access to the internet is that you essentially have access to any film that you would want to watch, as long as you look in the right place. Here are our recommendations for sites that offer great movie selections and where you can find them. 


Netflix is one of the most famous streaming sites in the world. Every month, Netflix changes up the films that they have on the site. For some people, this feature is excellent as it means that they have constant access to fresh content. However, Netflix has the habit of deleting some of our favorite films, which can be annoying for the fans.  

Netflix has thousands of shows and movies, so you are bound to find a film that you want to settle down and watch. What makes Netflix so unique is the fact that the site often releases its own films and TV shows that are exclusive to Netflix. A number of the films and shows that they have released have been extremely successful and have had numerous sequels. The only issue with Netflix is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. This fee depends on the kind of account that you sign up for. Netflix has an option where you pick the number of screens you want to have access to, the more screens that you pick, the higher the price is. This usually only helps big families, so if you are just using it alone, you can expect to pay the lowest price.  


Unfortunately, not all of us are in a position where we can afford to pay for streaming sites. This is completely understandable, as this year has hit the world economically so many of us want to invest our money in the things that really matter.  

If you are one of the people who can’t afford a streaming site, you may want to look into torrenting. Though we cannot tell you everything you ever wanted to know about torrents, we can give you some tips on how to find a good torrenting site. There are plenty of chat rooms and forums online that specialize in sharing the names of their favorite torrenting sites. We understand that navigating some of these sites and trying to find the film you want can sometimes be confusing, as torrenting sites usually have several links to choose from, not all of them being great quality copies of the film.  

If you want to watch a specific film online, you simply need to search the name of the film followed by torrent. This should take you straight to a good place to be able to download or stream the film that you want to see. Many people have concerns over the danger of torrenting, but it really is nothing to worry about. The torrenting community is very supportive and they do not want anyone to download anything harmful to their computers, so they will rate the quality of the movie torrent and report any that may be carrying a virus or malware.  


If you are someone that does not mind paying for a streaming service, but you are not satisfied with the movies that Netflix has to offer, then you may want to look into Amazon Prime. Much like Netflix, Amazon Prime constantly switches up the films that they have on the site. The difference between the two is that Amazon adds to their list and does not regularly remove the films that you love.  

Amazon also has a feature where you can purchase newly released films, which would be like paying to watch a film at the cinema, only much cheaper. You can expect to pay no more than ten dollars for a film on Amazon Prime and you can even rent the film for a fraction of the price. 

If you are someone that loves watching old TV series, then you will be glad to know that Amazon owns all of the older classics that we used to love.  

7 Pro Tips to Creating and Hosting a Killer Website

Thanks to the ever-growing ease of access to the world wide web, putting yourself out there is easier than ever. But if it is as easy as it seems to throw out a website, that means there will be competition So here are a few ways to make your website stand out from the crowd and draw in the clicks.

What’s the website about?

Before doing anything, you need to know what this website is going to be about. This is going to inform almost all of your decisions going forward to start off with making a clear mission statement for what you want to get out of the website and what you want other people to get out of the website. For example, let’s say you want to make yourself a portfolio. You want to make this website a way to cleanly and effectively collate all your creative work in one place for employers to see with ease. Now you know what you want to do it makes the rest of the process much smoother.

How to start?

For some people, the idea of just being able to make a website is a daunting task, and that’s completely understandable. Not everyone has crazy artistic talents or deep coding knowledge but there are ways to work around it. There are plenty of websites that allow you to make a website using their website creators. Places like Wix and Squarespace offer simple and intuitive services that walk you through the process of building a website with decent enough user interfaces that make the entire process a little less overwhelming.

The Bulk of the Content

Now that you have an idea of what you want on your website and how to do it, now you just have to do it. It’s important to be aware that you set your own rules. You should be the one to dictate how much work is on the website. Is all the work closely related or is it a compilation of different things? What is the tone of the work like? Does it need to be consistent? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. You can have all the flashy colors and tricks that you want but really if the actual bulk of the content of your website isn’t doing the job you want it to, then the website is going to be a bit of a mess throughout.


If you want people to be consistently clicking on your website and coming back to it time and time again it got to have the right visual style to it. A website filled with news articles is going to look very different from a crowdfunding site focused solely on tabletop board games. Let’s carry on with this concept of making a portfolio. If this is something that is going to be viewed by potential employers, you want it to be professional yet sprinkled with enough personality for them to get an idea of who you are as a person. This is also going to be the very first impression that your website is going to make and if you want people to keep coming back, it’s best to leave out the garish word art and watermarked images.


There millions of websites on the internet, and that number is growing by the second. So if you want to get anywhere you need a USP or a unique selling point. I other words why should people choose to use your website over any of the others out there? This is arguably one of the hardest parts of making a website. In a sea of URL’s its hard to convince yourself that you have something unique on your hands. Obviously, no idea is truly unique, everyone has their influences so the best way to tackle this is to make sure that when you know what you want to do you commit to it. Do it your way. Inject who you are into the design and presentation of the site and people will notice.


This is going to be the best way to get people on your website. The best way to do this is to simply share it. Send it to your friends, put it on your social media pages, keep it updated and fresh. You want people coming back time and time again and that won’t happen if people can’t easily access your website so make sure to get it out there when you are ready!


This is mainly the tech side of the website but it’s arguably the most important. If your website gets to a point where people are coming back again and again you want to make sure that the website can support it. In most situations, a virtual private server is best for fast hosting. It allows you to have a dedicated IP address with full control over scalability, privacy, and resources. Although at first, you may not have server issues, having a private server will give you the ability to be prepared if the website takes off more than you expect.

Hopefully, if you follow these simple steps you’ll be able to make yourself a professional and competent-looking website with people clamoring to come back again and again.

Understanding Modern Tech: How GPS Works

For the longest time humanity has looked up at the stars and wondered. We have wondered what mysteries lay in the great beyond. And we have strived to reach out and finally move into the endless darkness above us.

We are lucky enough to live in an age where we can now venture into space. And, while it isn’t possible for just anyone to go into space, the general public has been benefitting from space-age technology for a while now. And today we are going to look at one of the most revolutionary and mind-boggling bits of tech at our fingertips. GPS.

What is GPS?

You will have heard of GPS no doubt. The letters of which stand for Global Positioning System. The idea is GPS can be used to pinpoint your position anywhere on the planet.

You will see GPS at work in a lot of modern devices. The first big public usage of GPS was in cars and Sat-Navs. You will most likely have made use of GPS to find your location and plot a route along the roads. Doing away with the old-school paper maps.

You will also find that nearly every modern smart-phone also makes use of GPS. If you’re like me and you lose your phone constantly you will keep making use of services like or Findmyphone to locate your missing phone. These services make use of GPS to physically locate your missing phone. But how does it all actually work?

Space-Age Tech

So how does Space-Age tech come into all this? Simple. GPS technology works by making use of a series of satellites that are in constant orbit around the planet. There are roughly 30 of them currently up there for this purpose.

These satellites are used solely for the purpose of GPS. They are in constant communication with each other and a series of ground-bases placed at different locations globally. This all combines into one intricate web of connections that any GPS ready system can tap into.

How It Locates

So the big question is: How do these satellites locate anything. The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that the satellites are constantly sending our signals. The earth is basking in these signals 24/7.

Let’s use our phone as an example. Our phone is a receiver in this instant. It listens for these signals. Upon hearing four of them, it can now work out where it is on the planet with startling accuracy.

But let’s look at the more complex answer. There is another element at play here and that is the ground-stations. These are massive satellite dishes positioned around the globe. Without them, the whole GPS wouldn’t work. The reason being is that these bases are used to tell us where the satellites are.

‘But we know where they are. They’re in orbit!’ You might be saying. And this is true, they are in orbit. But things in orbit don’t stay in one location. Let’s break it down.


Orbit works by manipulating gravitational forces. The further away from the surface of the planet you get, the weaker gravity is. But unless you have fully left the atmosphere you will still be pulled back to earth, however slowly it might be.

So things in orbit are still under the effects of the Earth’s gravity. But at an alarmingly small rate. They stay ‘afloat’ as it were by constantly moving in a circle around the globe Orbiting it. This means they are using the Earth’s gravity against it. By being spun around they stay above the planet. But as they move and the Earth moves, we need to be able to locate the satellites to know where we are. This is what the ground bases do.

So next time you lose your phone or bring up google maps, just remember you are currently working with a complex and powerful series of satellites hanging high above you, way out of sight. And take a moment to appreciate just how incredible modern technology really is.

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Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

These days, if you own a phone or computer then you have probably used the Cloud at some point or another. The Cloud has been around for some time now and many of us are aware of its existence, but we don’t really understand how it works. Our phones and laptops constantly remind us of […]

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Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

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