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The Different Types of Broadband and their Advantages

Broadband is one of the best things that we have access to. Being able to use the internet from home gives us the comfort of accessing the entire world without having to move out of our bed. Access to the internet has ensured that we are a generation that has access to as much education […]

All the Tech that E-Sports Players Utilize

Why a Good IT Support System is Invaluable to a Company

5 Tips to Better Conserve your Phones Battery

Understanding Modern Tech: How GPS Works

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The Different Types of Broadband and their Advantages

Broadband is one of the best things that we have access to. Being able to use the internet from home gives us the comfort of accessing the entire world without having to move out of our bed. Access to the internet has ensured that we are a generation that has access to as much education as we could possibly need, as well as allowing us to be connected to almost everywhere in the world.

Being able to use broadband at home is one of the most beneficial things that we as humans have had access to, yet it can also be one of the most frustrating things in our home. Unless you have struck gold or live in a very convenient location, it is unlikely that you will find an internet service that will provide a constant and consistent stream of internet.

For some people, this may be extremely frustrating, especially given the current climate and our newfound dependency on being able to access the internet. No matter how many times you change internet providers, you may have also noticed that there remains to be no change to your internet quality. Something that not many people know is that the type of broadband that you use could be having an effect on the quality of your internet. Some people may not even know that there are different types of broadband. Here are the different types of broadband and their advantages.

High-Speed Cable

One of the most popular ways and the way in which you are probably familiar when it comes to accessing the internet is through the use of a cable provider. When you set up a contract with a cable company, then usually gives you access to a range of stations as well as the internet.  You are probably aware of fiber optic cables, well those are what are used in order to send light signals to different regions that require the internet.  Once these signals reach a town or rural area, they are then converted into digital signals which are then distributed by coaxial cables, which link straight to your home or business.

Pros of high-speed cable

One of the biggest pros of using a high-speed cable is that it is considered to be generally reliable. The internet speeds that you can expect from the use of a high-speed cable are among some of the highest on the list. A high-speed cable also means that you will have no problems when it comes to accessing all of the streaming services that you know and love and you don’t have to worry about having to settle on regular television that you don’t want to watch.

Cons of high-speed cable

Though high-speed cable is generally considered to be quite good, this is really dependent on the speed in your general area. If you are someone that lives in a rural and isolated place, then it is unlikely that your internet connection is going to reach your desired speed. You may also experience poor internet quality if you live in a busy area, as many people using the internet are only going to slow it down, which can be extremely annoying. On top of that, getting cable internet can actually be extremely expensive. Many people spend close to one hundred dollars a month just so they can get access to the internet, and if you want your speeds to be even faster you can expect to pay more.

Satellite cable

Satellite cable essentially works by connecting your internet dish to a space satellite. This network doesn’t rely on cables like many of the other options, instead, the broadband is transmitted wirelessly via satellite dish. The best way to understand it is by comparing it to what you are probably familiar with, which is satellite TV. The only real difference between the two is that satellite tv only receives information, whereas with satellite broadband you can both send and receive data.

The pros of satellite cable

One of the biggest positives of using satellite cable is that satellite broadband is a good alternative for some people that live in rural areas and won’t have many other internet options. Satellite cable is really advertised towards people with limited options and there aren’t too many positives.

The cons of satellite broadband

Unfortunately, satellite broadband is far slower than other options on the list. On top of this, it is also extremely expensive, which many believe isn’t justified by the quality. Satellite cable is one of the few internet options out there that also has data allowances, which really won’t appeal to anyone that uses the internet a lot.

Hot Spots

One of the most recent introductions to the world of broadband is hot spots. Hot spots use cellular networks in order to provide a wifi connection. The cost of hot spots really depends on your data usage and is something that you can easily add to or minimize.


This is a great option for people that are often on the go and have access to several devices. The costs are also decided by you based on your data usage, which is very flexible.


There is a limit to the data that you can use and if you surpass this limit, you are often met with a hefty fine which can be extremely inconvenient.

All the Tech that E-Sports Players Utilize

The recent popularisation of the Esports industry has made the huge virtual sporting events much more high profile than they once were, as more and more people from all over the world try their luck to win the huge prize pool that is offered to the victor we have seen some increases in the standard of the technology that is used within the events. As these virtual sporting events consist of gaming it is expected that some of the better players would bring some of the most up-to-date technology to help their performance.  


As Esports is basically competitive gaming it should be no surprise that a gaming controller would be required, some players go even further by bringing their most unique customized controllers so that they can convey a level of class and professionalism that would intimidate other players. A good controller is definitely required for any Esports event as the last thing that any player will want is to become engrossed in a high-stakes game only to be let down by a shoddy controller that could be subject to connection issues or a lack of charge.  


A good headset is also an essential item for any competitive gamer, a headset not only improves the clarity of the audio but depending on the game you are playing you may need to interact and speak to other players in the game. If you have not invested in a high-quality headset then you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage especially when it comes to games that require you to hear what is going on around you.  A headset is a must-have for any gamer whether you compete on a competitive level or not and there are some great options that are very affordably priced currently available on the market.  

HD Screens  

Another must-have piece of technology that is used by competitive Esports gamers on a daily basis would have to be the screen on which they are playing. Without a high-quality screen you are limiting yourself significantly in terms of playing at a high definition picture quality. For competitions you will want to be able to see everything as clearly as possible so that your performance is not hindered by something that is as avoidable as playing on a low-quality screen, within Esports the very best screens are provided for competitive play do you don’t need to worry about bringing one with you.  


A big development within the world of gaming that is used by many competitive Esports gamers is boosting, boosting is basically an automated service that helps amateur gamers to increase their skill level with minimal effort. If you are an amateur gamer then this process can be very useful in helping you to climb the leaderboards in very little time, if you are interested in the benefits of boosting then find out more about the l9 group who can help you with all of your gaming boosting requirements at a very affordable price point.  

Virtual Reality  

The final piece of technology that is used both within mainstream gaming and Esports would have to be the recent developments in virtual reality technology and gameplay. It is a pretty new development but it is one that we should expect to see as a competitive Esports event pretty soon, virtual reality offers a more immersive experience which would be very well suited to the Esports industry as it takes sports gaming to the next level in a way that no other development has ever done before.  

Why a Good IT Support System is Invaluable to a Company

Modern companies rely heavily on IT software, but when one of those software’s breakdown or crash, having a good IT support system means that problems can be resolved quickly and effectively without businesses losing money. Without good IT support, businesses can fail from faulty software and companies often go under if ongoing issues aren’t fixed. Having good access to IT support within a company means a few things:

Increases Productivity

As I previously stated, if software or computers break down and IT cannot fix it, businesses lose money and occasionally fail due to these issues. Good, IT will be able to repair problems and get equipment up and running again without the business taking losses. This may not be as big an issue in other parts of the country, but in large cities with lots of businesses competing with one another for the most sales, clients, etc. As such every business in the city of London needs a good IT support company to ensure they can keep up with the competition. Internal IT workers will also mean that there is monitoring at every stage of whatever project a company is working on, meaning they can keep track of worker productivity and contributions as well as being able to find problems early and resolve them before too much damage is done.

Data Recovery and Protection

Furthermore, if systems fail and data becomes corrupted or destroyed, IT may be able to recover part or all of the data lost. This is extremely important for a company, especially ones that may deal with the financial or personal information of clients, providing a level of security to prevent breaches or attacks on systems. As many companies, especially smaller ones, gain clients on a trust basis, having a leak of personal or financial information for clients can destroy that trust, or even the inability to meet the client needs due to problems with software and equipment. This means that a company can lose clients to competitors who they feel may be more secure about keeping their information safe or who can do the job required quicker due to having an IT department that can fix issues as they arise. They can also provide various malware protection and can locate dangerous viruses before they have the chance to become bigger problems for the company.


Having a decent IT department on the payroll is a lot cheaper in the long term than outsourcing independent companies to fix any problems that may arise as those can charge a lot for the services they provide. Rather than paying one of these companies a bigger amount of money, keeping regular employees on the payroll not only saves money but also means that there are people immediately available to fix and find problems in software and systems. Also, an IT department within the company should reduce costs for antivirus or malware protection as they should know which one is required for whatever issue they are facing. On top of this, if computer systems need updating, IT should be able to identify devices that meet the companies needs without overspending and wasting money on equipment that is not needed.

In the end, IT is essential to every business, no matter how big or small. The services they provide more than make up for the additional cost of the department and ensures that data is kept safe from malicious attacks or leaks. Preventing data breaches, increasing productivity by being able to identify issues, and having the people who can do that close at hand is invaluable for a business to operate at its best.

5 Tips to Better Conserve your Phones Battery

Smartphones help us stay entertained, connected, and get information at our fingertips making us extremely dependent on them for every work we do all through the day. This makes conserving battery life one of the most important things. Today, I have five tips that will help you save on the battery life of your phone.

How to conserve power

One of the biggest battery drainers is the GPS feature, keeping it turned on causes rapid battery drain. Users can simply turn off the option when not in use. To turn off GPS, head over to the quick access panel and turn the option off. In addition to GPS, Bluetooth also takes a toll on the phone’s battery if left turned on. It can also be turned off from the quick access panel. The process is the same as GPS. You may want to invest in a lg v30 battery replacement if you feel that your battery is faulty. Background apps keep the processor occupied and that in turn comprises the battery life of the device over time. To reduce the processor usage and minimize battery drain you must kill all the background apps when you are trying to save on the battery. Additionally, Network data is strenuous on your battery, so use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Remember to keep your Wi-Fi on and connected to a network when at home or (when possible) out in public. You can stop your phone from using cellular data by turning off mobile data services from the quick settings panel on your phone. You can also make use of Airplane Mode to disable all data network features and switch on Wi-Fi, though this will disrupt incoming calls and SMS texts.  If you want more battery life but do not want to do anything differently, that is fine. There are many fine power banks that will work with any phone. You can also find a battery case that fits your specific device.

Keep your apps in check if your phone’s battery is dying fast. Certain apps drain the battery more than others. The obvious ones are YouTube, Netflix, and any streaming services. You might also want to avoid playing games if you want to save energy, as those happen to be huge battery hogs, especially if you are fond of titles with high-end graphics. Plenty of apps kill your battery without active usage. Applications like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are common ones. Communication services like these try to keep you in touch and updated all the time. This means the apps are constantly operating in the background, using data, pulling your location, sending notifications, and more.

How does this affect my phone in the long run?

Although there may not be any long-term damage from overusing your phone battery, you may find that over time it can become slower and will freeze more when you use it.  Areas with bad phone reception are silent battery killers, which is even more annoying than not being able to watch the latest videos. Your phone is constantly communicating with nearby towers, trying to keep you connected every second of the day.

Sometimes it cannot and will work extra hard to reach the network and get you back on the grid. If you live in a rural area, work in a massive building, or often find yourself in areas with spotty service, chances are your phone will die faster than normal and this may affect your battery in the long run. Age is the primary reason your battery life gets shorter as your phone gets older, as they lose performance over time.

Understanding Modern Tech: How GPS Works

For the longest time humanity has looked up at the stars and wondered. We have wondered what mysteries lay in the great beyond. And we have strived to reach out and finally move into the endless darkness above us.

We are lucky enough to live in an age where we can now venture into space. And, while it isn’t possible for just anyone to go into space, the general public has been benefitting from space-age technology for a while now. And today we are going to look at one of the most revolutionary and mind-boggling bits of tech at our fingertips. GPS.

What is GPS?

You will have heard of GPS no doubt. The letters of which stand for Global Positioning System. The idea is GPS can be used to pinpoint your position anywhere on the planet.

You will see GPS at work in a lot of modern devices. The first big public usage of GPS was in cars and Sat-Navs. You will most likely have made use of GPS to find your location and plot a route along the roads. Doing away with the old-school paper maps.

You will also find that nearly every modern smart-phone also makes use of GPS. If you’re like me and you lose your phone constantly you will keep making use of services like or Findmyphone to locate your missing phone. These services make use of GPS to physically locate your missing phone. But how does it all actually work?

Space-Age Tech

So how does Space-Age tech come into all this? Simple. GPS technology works by making use of a series of satellites that are in constant orbit around the planet. There are roughly 30 of them currently up there for this purpose.

These satellites are used solely for the purpose of GPS. They are in constant communication with each other and a series of ground-bases placed at different locations globally. This all combines into one intricate web of connections that any GPS ready system can tap into.

How It Locates

So the big question is: How do these satellites locate anything. The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is that the satellites are constantly sending our signals. The earth is basking in these signals 24/7.

Let’s use our phone as an example. Our phone is a receiver in this instant. It listens for these signals. Upon hearing four of them, it can now work out where it is on the planet with startling accuracy.

But let’s look at the more complex answer. There is another element at play here and that is the ground-stations. These are massive satellite dishes positioned around the globe. Without them, the whole GPS wouldn’t work. The reason being is that these bases are used to tell us where the satellites are.

‘But we know where they are. They’re in orbit!’ You might be saying. And this is true, they are in orbit. But things in orbit don’t stay in one location. Let’s break it down.


Orbit works by manipulating gravitational forces. The further away from the surface of the planet you get, the weaker gravity is. But unless you have fully left the atmosphere you will still be pulled back to earth, however slowly it might be.

So things in orbit are still under the effects of the Earth’s gravity. But at an alarmingly small rate. They stay ‘afloat’ as it were by constantly moving in a circle around the globe Orbiting it. This means they are using the Earth’s gravity against it. By being spun around they stay above the planet. But as they move and the Earth moves, we need to be able to locate the satellites to know where we are. This is what the ground bases do.

So next time you lose your phone or bring up google maps, just remember you are currently working with a complex and powerful series of satellites hanging high above you, way out of sight. And take a moment to appreciate just how incredible modern technology really is.

Why Mobile Security is More Important Than you Realise

Technology has advanced massively since the creation of the first mobile phone back in 1973, this was mass-produced by Motorola making it accessible to the public to own a mobile phone for the first time ever. Mobile phones started as a big, heavy device with limited functions, it could only support a 30-minute phone call and store 30 phone numbers as contacts. People continued to experiment with mobile phones and started adding more functions, the game snake came on all of the old Nokia phones, cameras were added, newer technology was created and used and it became possible to access the internet.

As phones have been developed to have more and more features people have come to rely on phones much more, it’s estimated that around 83% of working Americas use mobile phones to reply to work emails. People use their phones for most things without thinking about it but what many people don’t think about is the dangers associated with storing so much personal information on your phone and the importance of mobile security. Keep reading to learn about the risks associated with mobile phones and why mobile security is so important.

Why mobile security is important.

There are many reasons that mobile security is important that you should be aware of. If you have solid mobile security then any personal data that you’ve stored on your phone should be protected, your passwords will deny people access and antivirus software will prevent hackers from getting their hands on it either.

An example of personal data that could be stolen is that when banks went online and created apps, all of their client’s data was now potentially at risk. They had to ensure security for their clients to have confidence in this new way of doing things and they have a duty of care for their clients, it is widely known that Monzo, the international bank that operates only via the app is using the latest mobile app security standards to protect their clients. A technique that hackers use to try and access your personal data is that they attempt to spam your browser with unsolicited adverts, these adverts have malicious codes that then infect your mobile device and leave you vulnerable to having data stoles, luckily having strong mobile security blocks these adverts.

The scandals and failures of mobile security.

Any apps that you download are responsible for the security of your data but sometimes popular mobile applications will leave their users vulnerable to having their data stolen due to not having solid enough security. There are many examples of this happening including WhatsApp, there was a flaw in their systems which allowed hackers to attack their user’s accounts with malware simply by calling their phone, this was a major breach of data security since Facebook purchased WhatsApp there have been no issues of this kind. Another app that suffered from security issues is Walgreens, the pharmacy chain suffered a major data breach when an error in their software made it possible for their 60 million app users to see each other’s private messages which should have been secure.

Due to the work that Walgreens does the data stored on the app was sensitive information to each individual as it contained all of their prescription information which should have stayed private, on top of this it also leaked their names, store number, and shipping address. Some other big named companies that had breaches in their apps include Under Armour, Facebook, Wishbone, and many dating apps.

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The Different Types of Broadband and their Advantages

Broadband is one of the best things that we have access to. Being able to use the internet from home gives us the comfort of accessing the entire world without having to move out of our bed. Access to the internet has ensured that we are a generation that has access to as much education […]

All the Tech that E-Sports Players Utilize

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The Different Types of Broadband and their Advantages

All the Tech that E-Sports Players Utilize

6 Tech Products that were originally Military Devices

Why a Good IT Support System is Invaluable to a Company

5 Tips to Better Conserve your Phones Battery

Understanding Modern Tech: How GPS Works

Why Mobile Security is More Important Than you Realise

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