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Great Online Resources to Help Ace your CFA Exam

Studying for any exam or qualification is always difficult. Finding the time to learn the content, getting to the end of the year and realizing how much information it is for you to understand and retain, trying to make a good study plan, sticking to your revision timetable, etc. Preparing for any exam is a […]

Do You Need a VPN: What they Are and How they Work

Great Tools for Developing A Multiplayer Game

How it Works: A Look Inside a Jewelry Production Facility

Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

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Great Online Resources to Help Ace your CFA Exam

Studying for any exam or qualification is always difficult. Finding the time to learn the content, getting to the end of the year and realizing how much information it is for you to understand and retain, trying to make a good study plan, sticking to your revision timetable, etc. Preparing for any exam is a long process, but your CFA exams will likely be like no exam you’ve prepared for before. This will likely be the hardest set of exams that you’ll ever sit, so that means you’ll need to put aside more time and find new and creative ways to learn efficiently. The best way is to do everything twice, so after a lesson, go and rewrite your notes, not only will this save you time at the end of the year as you’ll already have revision notes but it also helps you to fully understand things the first time around. You’ll also likely want to step up the revision game, a revision plan won’t cut it for these exams you’ll need color-coded notes, flashcards, and sticky notes with the things you forget stuck all around your house. If you’re nervous about your exam then luckily for you people have been in the same position as you, and to help you out there are loads of great online resources, many created by past students that will help you pass your exam. 

Best online resources for the CFA exam

CFA exams are known for how difficult they are, they are amongst the hardest set of exams that you can sit in the finance sector. It can be daunting going into this course and these exams when their reputation is always ahead of them, but luckily everything that you’ll need for this exam you can find online thanks to previous students sharing their resources. Online you can find everything from notes, quizzes, or even sample cfa level 1 questions, these can be found for levels 2 and 3 too but it’s particularly important for level 1 as you won’t have done any previous exams so might not know what the questions are like. Some of the best websites with fantastic resources include analyst prep, this is the highest-rated among past students as there is over 40 hours of recorded lecture content, thousands of example questions, and 8 full mock tests which are super helpful to see what topics you need to revise for a little more. The only downside to analyst prep is that they don’t offer a guaranteed pass which some websites do and the cost for the subscription is almost £2000 which is considerably more than some other websites. If you’re looking for something almost as good but cheaper then you can check out Bloomberg Exam Prep or Fitch Learning. 

Other tips and tricks to pass your exam

After you’ve found the perfect online resource for you, we have some general tips to help you ace your CFA exams. The best and most important piece of advice is that you shouldn’t leave it all to the last minute, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to revise ad this will increase your chances of smashing your exam. You should also find different ways to study, there are many methods of studying from visual to kinetic, the more of these methods you use the more likely it is you’ll remember the information. Finally, to keep yourself motivated, you can form a study group so that you are all subject to accountability from each other and you’ll have to revise. 

Do You Need a VPN: What they Are and How they Work

If you are someone that has an internet presence, then you have definitely heard of a VPN. In the last year or so there has been a drastic increase in the advertisements of VPNs and if you are someone that follows people closely on the internet, then they have probably recommended that you get a VPN too.

If you are someone that is not too well versed in the world of VPN, then you may not understand what they really are. That is completely understandable as the world of VPNs can be quite complex to people who don’t really understand what a VPN is. Here is everything you need to know about VPNs.


What is a VPN

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ and it is primarily used to provide privacy and online anonymity. The way in which a VPN protects your privacy is by creating a private network by using a public internet connection.

The main way that they protect your data is by masking your IP address. Your IP address is what links your computer to a location and by getting rid of this IP address, you make yourself virtually untraceable. As well as hiding your IP address, a VPN establishes a secure and encrypted connection, which means you can freely connect without any worry about your privacy being compromised.


When VPNs are Used

A VPN can be used at any point that you are browsing the web and one of the main reasons for using a VPN is to gain privacy and anonymity. If you are someone that has somewhat of an online presence, then you may be worried about people being able to learn who you are and where you are from. By having a VPN, you are able to completely protect yourself and all of your private data and so this is something that you may use a VPN for.

As well as protecting your private information, VPNs can be used for a number of different reasons.  One of the main ways in which VPNs are used is for location spoofing. If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the internet then you have probably run into a geographical block every now and again. Depending on where you live in the world, you may not be able to access some online content due to geographical restrictions. By changing your location with a VPN, you are able to access pages and websites that you previously may not have been able to.

If you are someone that uses streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, then you may be aware that different countries have access to different content on these sites. This can be frustrating when the content that you want to access is unavailable to you, but luckily you can use a VPN to spoof your location, which means that you can access the exclusive content.

On top of being able to access content from other countries, you can also use location spoofing in a number of ways. Something that you may not know is that you can actually change your location to be able to purchase cheap tickets, if you want to purchase a plane ticket then you may be able to get it cheaper if you purchase it while spoofed in a different country.


Who Needs a VPN?

There is a common misconception that only people who are tech-savvy and spend a lot of time online need a VPN. This really isn’t the case and as long as you use the internet, then you should get a VPN.

No matter what you use the internet for, everyone deserves to have internet privacy and safety.  VPNs allow you to keep all of your information private, even if you don’t consider your data to be that important. It is important to remember that every time you go on a social media platform or any website at all, you are handing over all of your data to those websites. Online scams are becoming very popular on the internet and there are plenty of people out there that are doing all that they can to access your personal data, so be sure to protect your privacy to the best of your ability.

If you are someone that owns multiple websites, then it may be in your best interest to purchase a VPN as you can host multiple sites from a private server.


Where to Purchase a VPN From

When it comes to purchasing a VPN, you may be tempted to go for a free website. This is a bad move, as you put yourself at risk of handing your data over to a dodgy company. For free VPNs that aren’t scams, you are not going to get the right cover that you are looking for, so it is in your best interest to just purchase a reputable VPN.

The best way to decide which VPN is right for you is by searching the internet and picking out the VPN that best suits your needs.  Not everyone knows what to look for when it comes to selecting a VPN, which is completely understandable. Before you decide on which VPN is for you, you can learn more about vpns at pinpointvpn. Having a better understanding of VPNs will make the process of selecting one much easier, so be sure to take the time to educate yourself on VPNs.

Great Tools for Developing A Multiplayer Game

If you are someone that loves gaming, then you may have dipped your toes into the world of game design.  Many people forget just how accessible game design is and there have been many popular games that started off as bedroom ideas. You don’t have to work at some big gaming company to be able to do what you love and if you are someone that enjoys game development, then why not pursue it at home?

If you are someone that has already made your own single-player game at home, then you may be thinking of branching out into the world of multiplayer games. Multiplayer games are really in right now and there is a lot of money to be made in it.  If you think of the most popular multiplayer games out there, there is usually an in-game currency. So for Roblox, you can earn free robux, or you can pay for the currency yourself which means that the multiplayer will make you some money.

If you are someone that is interested in developing a multiplayer game, then you may be wondering how you can start the process. Here are some tools and tips that you may need for your multiplayer game development.

Game Design Basics

Before you can move onto designing a multiplayer game, you first need to know all of the basics of game design. Multiplayer games are a big step up from just creating standard games, so before you can make this step you need to first make sure that you are confident when it comes to standard design basics.

Game design can be quite a complicated task and so the best way to learn the basics is by gaining a formal education in the subject. By doing a formal education, they slowly go through every step of the process so if you are someone that isn’t a fast learner, then you can pick up everything that you need to be able to do and get to know every step thoroughly.

Rendering Tools

When you start a game, you need to be able to understand all of the tools that you will use to get the game made. Something that you will need to understand is rendering tools. There are many rendering tools that you can use to create a video game. Speed Tree is currently one of the most popular rendering tools out there and enables quick rendering. What makes this tool so popular is the vegetation modeling tool. If you are a game designer, then you will know that creating a world is very important. Vegetation modeling means you can really build up your world, but adding plants and other items that you may run into in your everyday life. This will add a sense of realism to your game and will impress any players that you may have.

What is a Physics Engine

If you are a game developer, then you have probably heard of a physics engine at some point. Though you may have heard of it, this does not necessarily mean you know exactly what it is. To put it plainly, a physics engine is computer software that creates a simulation of physical activities in order to create a realistic depiction of what it may look like. Say an item in a game is supposed to have quite fluid movements, a physics engine will process this and apply it to aspects of your game that seems as though it would need to be able to process these movements.

Multiplayer Integration

Once you have a base game that is ready to go, you will be ready to include multiplayer. Multiplayer integration does not work with every game engine and so you have to make sure that your engine is compatible with multiplayer. Once you have the right engine set up, you then need to start up a multiplayer server, which will take a substantial amount of time and so we recommend employing someone who has experience in setting up a multiplayer server as this will make the process a lot easier for you. Remember that it is no easy task to set up a multiplayer server, so do not try to rush the process.

How it Works: A Look Inside a Jewelry Production Facility

Most jewelry makes for the perfect accessory and the final touch to many high-end outfits, it is the opinion of many icons in the fashion industry that no outfit is complete without the right piece of jewelry to accompany it. With this in mind and the importance of jewelry being so high for many people it is a surprise that it is not as well-known as it should be the intricate and extensive process that goes behind the construction of most pieces. No matter your budget and the quality of the jewels you buy it takes a lot of hard and time-consuming work to end up with the finished product.  

There are many jewelry production facilities all over the world using new technology to make their jewelry and while it is generally kept a secret how so many uniquely finished and styled jewels are made, the official and basic production process can be found through a few simple internet searches if it is something that you are interested in. The process of making the piece of jewelry tends to be done in two parts firstly by cleaning, preparing, and shaping the jewel and then fusing it with the metalwork or chain to create a kολιε.

Preparing the Jewel

Before the jewelry is close to being completed there is the process of preparing the jewel itself before it can be attached to the chain or ring, when the jewels come in their raw form they are portioned out to ensure quality control in the shapes and sizes of the pieces. A precise scale and microscope are used to ensure that each stone is up to scratch in terms of consistency and quality. When equally divided they must be left to soak in a cleaning solution, this can also help strengthen the jewel and remove any external impurities. Depending on the jewel the pieces may also need to be cured in the kiln afterward but this is not always the case with every material.  

In the preparation process, the manufacturer also has the opportunity to color the gems to alter their appearance to fit the designated design, any colorings are usually added using enamel powders which also help to seal the gem inside and provide an extra varnish and shine, which is very important when jewels are concerned. After all of this is completed the shaping process must then begin by cutting down the rock and shaving thin layers off it until it is the perfect shape. This process can take days to complete and will undergo microscopic inspection by many people until it is approved for use.  

Creating the Final Products

Once the rigorous preparation process is complete the manufacturer will be left with multiple stones that should be pretty much identical to ensure a bulk product can be produced to fit with the cutter’s requirements. The jewels are glued using a super strong polymer glue to the metal pieces that connect to the stone to create the final piece. It is very important when creating items such as rings and bracelets that multiple sizes are made to ensure that most people are catered for and that the range is accessible enough to be sold on a mass level.  

Technology plays a huge part in the jewelry-making process and thanks to the huge industry-wide developments that have occurred over the years we now have access to a wide range of high-quality pieces that are affordably priced thanks to the construction process being made a lot easier and requires less labor.  

Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

These days, if you own a phone or computer then you have probably used the Cloud at some point or another. The Cloud has been around for some time now and many of us are aware of its existence, but we don’t really understand how it works. Our phones and laptops constantly remind us of the presence of the Cloud, but many of us don’t understand how to properly utilize all of its available functions.  

If this lack of familiarity with the Cloud is something that you can relate to, then worry not. Here is how the Cloud works so you can understand how to use it properly. 

Upload pictures and videos 

If you are someone that has a device, you will be more than aware of just how limited you are in terms of memory. This is especially the case if you are someone that likes to take pictures and plenty of videos, as there is only so much space on a phone and computer along with the room that is already being used up by other applications.  

This is one of the main uses of the Cloud. People upload their photos and videos there as which means that they do not have to use up all of the memory that they have on their devices. What many people do not know is that once you have all of your photos uploaded to the Cloud, you can access them from essentially any device as long as you have all of the necessary login details. 

If you are someone that owns a digital photo screen or you have purchased a digital screen in general from, then you will be able to link your Cloud account to these digital screens and display any pictures or videos that you may wish to put on the screens.  


If you are someone that has had to replace your phone at one point or another, then you have probably had the extremely annoying experience of having to transfer all of your contact details to your phone, which can be annoying if you have a lot of contacts. Thanks to the Cloud, all of the contacts that you had on a previous device can be transferred straight to your brand new device without having to do any of the work for yourself.  

Note Sync 

If you are someone that finds yourself making lots of notes on your devices throughout the day, then you may get frustrated when you have to try and remember which device you have made the notes on. If you use the Cloud, then all of the notes that you make on your devices will Sync and you will be able to access them no matter which device you are currently using. There is no point in making notes if you are only going to forget where you have stored them, so being able to do this is extremely useful. 

Movies Online: Where and How to Watch Anything you Want

Recently cinemas have unfortunately had to remain closed due to the potential spread of the deadly coronavirus. For all of you movie buffs out there, you may be craving the feeling of sitting back in a cinema eating popcorn and destroying a Tango ice blast. Unfortunately, it does not look like this will be possible for some time now.  

This does not mean that you have to abandon your love of cinema. Though there are limitations on the films that are being released around the world until the cinemas open back up, there are still films being released every month. This means that there is a new catalog of films out there that you may not have even seen.  

A lot of you may feel discouraged to jump into these new films while you are unable to enjoy the cinema experience. But what is stopping you from watching these films at home from the comfort of your own bed?  Watching movies at home can be better in many ways. You don’t have to pay excessive cinema prices, you can eat any snack that you want and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas.  

Even if the idea of watching a film at home seems appealing to you, you may not know where to even look. The great thing about having easy access to the internet is that you essentially have access to any film that you would want to watch, as long as you look in the right place. Here are our recommendations for sites that offer great movie selections and where you can find them. 


Netflix is one of the most famous streaming sites in the world. Every month, Netflix changes up the films that they have on the site. For some people, this feature is excellent as it means that they have constant access to fresh content. However, Netflix has the habit of deleting some of our favorite films, which can be annoying for the fans.  

Netflix has thousands of shows and movies, so you are bound to find a film that you want to settle down and watch. What makes Netflix so unique is the fact that the site often releases its own films and TV shows that are exclusive to Netflix. A number of the films and shows that they have released have been extremely successful and have had numerous sequels. The only issue with Netflix is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. This fee depends on the kind of account that you sign up for. Netflix has an option where you pick the number of screens you want to have access to, the more screens that you pick, the higher the price is. This usually only helps big families, so if you are just using it alone, you can expect to pay the lowest price.  


Unfortunately, not all of us are in a position where we can afford to pay for streaming sites. This is completely understandable, as this year has hit the world economically so many of us want to invest our money in the things that really matter.  

If you are one of the people who can’t afford a streaming site, you may want to look into torrenting. Though we cannot tell you everything you ever wanted to know about torrents, we can give you some tips on how to find a good torrenting site. There are plenty of chat rooms and forums online that specialize in sharing the names of their favorite torrenting sites. We understand that navigating some of these sites and trying to find the film you want can sometimes be confusing, as torrenting sites usually have several links to choose from, not all of them being great quality copies of the film.  

If you want to watch a specific film online, you simply need to search the name of the film followed by torrent. This should take you straight to a good place to be able to download or stream the film that you want to see. Many people have concerns over the danger of torrenting, but it really is nothing to worry about. The torrenting community is very supportive and they do not want anyone to download anything harmful to their computers, so they will rate the quality of the movie torrent and report any that may be carrying a virus or malware.  


If you are someone that does not mind paying for a streaming service, but you are not satisfied with the movies that Netflix has to offer, then you may want to look into Amazon Prime. Much like Netflix, Amazon Prime constantly switches up the films that they have on the site. The difference between the two is that Amazon adds to their list and does not regularly remove the films that you love.  

Amazon also has a feature where you can purchase newly released films, which would be like paying to watch a film at the cinema, only much cheaper. You can expect to pay no more than ten dollars for a film on Amazon Prime and you can even rent the film for a fraction of the price. 

If you are someone that loves watching old TV series, then you will be glad to know that Amazon owns all of the older classics that we used to love.  

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Algorithms Apps

Great Online Resources to Help Ace your CFA Exam

Studying for any exam or qualification is always difficult. Finding the time to learn the content, getting to the end of the year and realizing how much information it is for you to understand and retain, trying to make a good study plan, sticking to your revision timetable, etc. Preparing for any exam is a […]

Do You Need a VPN: What they Are and How they Work

Great Tools for Developing A Multiplayer Game

How it Works: A Look Inside a Jewelry Production Facility


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Great Online Resources to Help Ace your CFA Exam

Do You Need a VPN: What they Are and How they Work

Great Tools for Developing A Multiplayer Game

How it Works: A Look Inside a Jewelry Production Facility

Understanding the Cloud: How to Properly Use It

Movies Online: Where and How to Watch Anything you Want

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