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6 Tech Products that were originally Military Devices

The military has been known to be innovative and is extremely advanced in a variety of fields. From creating a new time system, for those of you who don’t know an example is 1900 on military time means 7 pm, to difficult but successful exercise plans to ensure soldiers are in their best physical and mental shape, to advanced pieces of technology, the military really has mastered it all. There are some products that you might be surprised were originally used as military devices because they’re so commonly used in day-to-day life now. Some of the uses of them were wildly different too, keep on reading to find out what these products are.


Some of you might be aware of this but it’s not a widely known fact that GPS was originally developed for military use. It was launched in the early 1990s under Clinton’s presidency by the U.S Department of Defence and became available for use to civilians in 1996. Nowadays everyone uses GPS when they’re lost or need directions, if that’s how to find your nearest McDonalds or when you’re driving to a new city GPS will always be able to identify your location and send you in the right direction. Back in 1990 GPS was used for a more serious things as it aided communications in the military.


An EpiPen is most commonly used for things such as allergic reactions to foods like nuts, which causes anaphylaxis which has many side effects like feeling faint or difficulty breathing. If someone has a serious allergic reaction then they can go into anaphylaxis shock which can potentially be fatal so the EpiPen is a great medical development. An EpiPen is filled with adrenaline alongside other ingredients which when injected correctly can shock the body out of its anaphylaxis state. Most people know someone with an EpiPen or have one themselves but they probably don’t know that this was once as advanced as medicine got. The original use of the EpiPen was for soldiers, one of the many fears on the front line is how to protect yourself against chemical weapons and nerve agents, the ingredients in the EpiPen would help the body to handle an attack of this kind.

Freeze Drying

The technology involved with freeze-drying is quite common today. The process of freeze-drying involves freezing something, lowering the pressure, and then removing the ice, this is one of the most common ways to dehydrate a product. By using this method when you rehydrate the product it is in excellent shape and has managed to maintain most of its original properties. As it keeps most of its properties this process is a popular one that’s used for things like freeze-dried ice cream but this technology was originally developed for military use. It was developed during World War 1 as it was a great way to preserve any medical supplies that needed to be refrigerated but couldn’t be because of the conditions and lack of fridge space. This was a great development as it meant that the limited medicine available wasn’t wasted.


Almost everyone owns a computer or a laptop and many people will work in office buildings filled with computers, they’re one of the most common pieces of technology today, there’s a high chance you’ll be reading this article on your computer right now. The very first computer looks very different from computers today and the development cost a lot more. The first computer was called the ENIAC, it was developed in the US during the Second World War. The army funded the creation of the computer as they wanted to use it in one of their research laboratories. It was a great advantage to them as it was the first piece of technology that could be programmed to perform many different actions, something all other militaries were lacking.


The creation of the Walkie-Talkies highly impacted the performance of the US military during World War 2. They paid Motorola to develop them and over the duration of the war, Motorola managed to produce 50,000 Walkie-Talkies. This made communication much easier for soldiers out on the front line, although these walkie-talkies were much bigger than the ones you see today. Following the war, Motorola made more consumer-friendly walkie-talkies and these are the type of walkie-talkies you see kids playing with.


Today the Jeep is known as the world’s oldest SUV and is seen as quite a fancy car. Some of the best models have great additions like leather seating and DVD players. But the Jeep was originally designed and used for reconnaissance missions during the first world war, the Jeep has changed a lot since its original purpose, it’s continued to adapt to the needs of society which is why it’s recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.

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