We believe that by keeping the users linked to one another, it is one of the most important ways to build a community.

We always make sure that our users and readers can stay active with both their friends and other users on our website by using the all the necessary and helpful tools. The dynamic feed that we use enables our users to track the progress and success of each other in real time.

Through the tools that we are using, we are able to take ownership and be the leader of the community. Through sending our readers direct messages, rewarding them with points or penalizing those who are hurting the community, we have full control over community members to promote healthy relationship with our readers.

When the community expands, reacting to everyone becomes understandably more complicated. But we always make sure that the members of our community feel like we care for them as individuals.

We can aslo create categories within our community based on the content that we offer, showing how we have a  perfect solution to the problems of our community member. This will also help us understand which members of the community connect more frequently with which categories, and which items will be better suited to them.

We also partner with other organizations that can help the community. Influencer partnering promotes the culture to our community. The influencer we choose has a group of individuals that are like our ideal member, and they have their attention already. This is a simpler way to find our target member than attempting to run paid traffic promotions, re-target individuals, and hope we can get enough conversions to offset the cost of our acquisition.