Great Online Resources to Help Ace your CFA Exam

Studying for any exam or qualification is always difficult. Finding the time to learn the content, getting to the end of the year and realizing how much information it is for you to understand and retain, trying to make a good study plan, sticking to your revision timetable, etc. Preparing for any exam is a long process, but your CFA exams will likely be like no exam you’ve prepared for before. This will likely be the hardest set of exams that you’ll ever sit, so that means you’ll need to put aside more time and find new and creative ways to learn efficiently. The best way is to do everything twice, so after a lesson, go and rewrite your notes, not only will this save you time at the end of the year as you’ll already have revision notes but it also helps you to fully understand things the first time around. You’ll also likely want to step up the revision game, a revision plan won’t cut it for these exams you’ll need color-coded notes, flashcards, and sticky notes with the things you forget stuck all around your house. If you’re nervous about your exam then luckily for you people have been in the same position as you, and to help you out there are loads of great online resources, many created by past students that will help you pass your exam. 

Best online resources for the CFA exam

CFA exams are known for how difficult they are, they are amongst the hardest set of exams that you can sit in the finance sector. It can be daunting going into this course and these exams when their reputation is always ahead of them, but luckily everything that you’ll need for this exam you can find online thanks to previous students sharing their resources. Online you can find everything from notes, quizzes, or even sample cfa level 1 questions, these can be found for levels 2 and 3 too but it’s particularly important for level 1 as you won’t have done any previous exams so might not know what the questions are like. Some of the best websites with fantastic resources include analyst prep, this is the highest-rated among past students as there is over 40 hours of recorded lecture content, thousands of example questions, and 8 full mock tests which are super helpful to see what topics you need to revise for a little more. The only downside to analyst prep is that they don’t offer a guaranteed pass which some websites do and the cost for the subscription is almost £2000 which is considerably more than some other websites. If you’re looking for something almost as good but cheaper then you can check out Bloomberg Exam Prep or Fitch Learning. 

Other tips and tricks to pass your exam

After you’ve found the perfect online resource for you, we have some general tips to help you ace your CFA exams. The best and most important piece of advice is that you shouldn’t leave it all to the last minute, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to revise ad this will increase your chances of smashing your exam. You should also find different ways to study, there are many methods of studying from visual to kinetic, the more of these methods you use the more likely it is you’ll remember the information. Finally, to keep yourself motivated, you can form a study group so that you are all subject to accountability from each other and you’ll have to revise. 

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