There are lots fantastic gadgets. Who doesn’t love them? That is, when they work. Yup, that’s right, they do have an ugly little breaking habit. Plus, accessories, such as chargers and speakers, can be difficult and costly to locate.

What would you do if you lose your Android phone and no tracking program has been installed? It’s probably lost forever, right?

Plan B to the rescue, once you have sent a “locate” text to the pesky smartphone, this free Android app uses GPS to track your phone. So if the phone is still on, you can go on a treasure hunt for gadgets.

Fed up trying to find out if your remote has conked out or only needs fresh batteries? The Voomote One app transforms your iPhone into a universal remote control (and sleeve, priced £ 60) that can be programmed to work with your TV, DVD or Blu-ray player and Hi-Fi. Onkyo’s free Remote app can be downloaded by Android users with an Onkyo home network setup.

Tethering your handset to a laptop is now a matter of adjusting a few settings on iPhone or Android phones and finding your sync cable. Apps like Joikuspot for Nokia handsets make sure that a mini wi-fi hotspot can also be built by N8 and E7 users.

You might be more interested in the security of your own gadgets with all this hacking going on, particularly those as covetable as the iPad 2. By testing the Delete Data option in Settings and Passcode Lock, you can set Apple’s new tablet to wipe all after 10 failed passcode attempts.

By making montages and cool effects, the Google+ profile offers you five key images at the top of the page to have fun with. There’s no doubt that all your pictures are on Facebook, though, so try this trick to get them across quickly.

You will find ‘Download your information’ in your Facebook Account settings, and once you have unzipped the downloaded folder, you will find all your images in one place. Upload it to Google+ now.