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What Are The Most Popular Software Development Trends In 2021? 

2020 was considered an unprecedented year & humanity never experienced any pandemic like COVID19 in the last few decades. New Year has come up with lots of hopes and optimism. Vaccines are on our doorsteps. 2020 was one of the best years for the software development industry. COVID 19 has already speeded up digital transformation considerably & this trend will be bigger in 2021. The majority of the industries have suffered heavily in COVID 19. Cloud is considered as one of the most popular industries that have become powerful than a pandemic. Corona has already depicted that we not only required the cloud for upscale; we also required it for the down-scaling. 

Whether you belong to the Government or the Agriculture industry, the entire world will surely move to the cloud sooner. The popularity of cloud-native engineers will be at its peak in 2021. If you are one who is an IT engineer, then you must jump in any MOOC to earn the cloud certificate. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss popular software development trends in 2021. 

  • Quantum Computing 

Quantum computing is going to be one of the great technologies. It is completely similar to a digital computer that will create a positive impact on every sector.  This is one of the most genuine like Magnus Carles, who will able to play with 50 average Chess players. Honeywell already claimed that they had created one of the strongest Quantum computers that will surely beat the previous record, which is set by Google.  

  • Decentralized Infrastructure 

Edge computing is one of the oldest concepts & we are continually using Edge computing in the network of content delivery. It is continually gaining hype in the last few years. Edge computing will surely be the best thing in 2021. Two kinds of groups of industries will surely fight for market share in edge computing, like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. A lot of industries already have edge infrastructure like Data Center Providers, Telecom Companies, and Network providers as well. If they are moving a little bit quicker, then they can quickly leverage their benefits. As per researchers, Samsung has already joined with IBM to create the Edge Computing solutions.    

  • Artificial Intelligence 

When it comes to the hottest technology, then Artificial Intelligence is the foremost aspect that comes to our mind. It has become one of the most interesting trends which are slowly entering all sectors. GPT was considered one of the great breakthroughs that available in May 2020.  Artificial Intelligence will surely gain popularity in 2021. Some software programs or AI will write articles.  

  • Cloud Technology 

Large and medium businesses totally depend on cloud technology. Lots of industries totally depend on cloud technology like retail, healthcare, IT, tourism, and others. Intelligence agencies are continually using cloud technologies. As per professionals, this trend will grow in 2021. Plenty of cloud vendors are available like Microsoft, Amazon, and others that are encouraging lots of companies to sign for a cloud system. For Instance, Google is continually providing $300 of credits for companies to gain hands-on experience. 

  • Blockchain 

Nothing is better than Blockchain, which has become the biggest technology which is developed in recent years. This technology has the potential to change the whole world. Cryptocurrencies are already playing the biggest role in popularizing overall technology. Governments are continually interfering in cryptocurrencies to prevent a lot of scams.  As per researchers, the Chinese Government has already seized the scam of cryptocurrency. The majority of the folks will surely use the Blockchain as a contract mechanism. This technology will surely get the biggest boost in 2021.  

  • Best Frameworks 

React, Angular 2+ & NodeJS are considered as strongest frameworks. As per experts, these trends will surely grow in 2021. ReactJS is the best framework that allows developers to write a few codes. 

  • Progressive Web Applications 

As per web developers, the progressive web application would be the next biggest thing. PWAs are considered simple web applications that are specially designed to run on smartphones.  

  • 5G Technology 

The majority of the population is waiting for 5G Technology. They have already made a considerable amount of waves in the first quarter of 2020. 5G is specially designed for a variety of intensive applications like virtual reality, augmented reality & 4K video streaming. A lot of software developers are already interested in creating features and interesting designs that will improve the overall performance of a business. This technology will be useful for everyone. 5G technology is going to be the best contender for one of the most popular trends in the overall industry in 2021. PWAs are offering a similar user experience to the native applications in that they can easily send push notifications.  Moreover, PWAs are considered useful for discoverability & development.   

  • Native applications 

Native applications will surely dominate overall software development services. Native applications are considered as special software applications that are designed to run on particular devices like Smartphones. They are specially designed for a variety of platforms. Native applications are offering the best user experience & best performance when compared to hybrid applications. Consequently, the majority of the businesses are investing money in the multiple native applications for Android & IOS to allow them to offer their beloved users with a great experience.  The popularity of phones in the market is at its peak. 

  • Remote Working Environment 

COVID19 has completely changed the way of work. The majority of the companies depend on the work from home concept. Software development needs will surely experience a surge. A lot of prefer to continue to work from home. This scenario will demand a genuine software development provider who will able to enable WFH technologies to drive efficient results. 

Conclusive Words 

Lastly, these are the most popular software development trends that will give you an opportunity to grow for the much-required niches like human augmentation & AI. The software development industry will completely depend on cutting edge. 

Laura Hartley is a software development designer and a writer. Before joining, she used to work in the IT industry

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