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What Are The Top 9 Customer Software Development Methodologies? 

Customer software development methodologies are fundamental in today’s modern era in which everything is getting digital. This is the era of technology in which it holds a lot of importance. It helps in the development of the software as we want to. Many projects need to be carried out daily in company, and success of particular project depends on how the custom system is used and which style has been taken to reach the project to the heights of success.  

It is vital to decide various aspects of the project so that one needs to decide the correct methodologies of custom software, which is a very vital decision. Such a decision is not easy to take, and also, it cannot be decided up to when the project is not investigated correctly. So with this factor, it becomes easy to take a particular decision, and here are the top best methodologies, let’s understand each in detail.  

Bing Bang Methodology: it is a straightforward one and is used for small and short projects. Here it is applied to those, where the facts are somewhat unknown, that in which way the project needs to be carried out. There are not certain aspects, and it is complicated because nothing is clearly specified. The facts and pros of this software are that.  

  • It is an effortless and reliable project, as there is no complicated planning involved in advance. As compared to other methodologies, it involves specific steps to understand each part. 
  • In this project, the number of required resources is significantly less, which helps manage the project very efficiently.
  • If any person is a beginner,, this model proves to be the best opportunity to flaunt their skill by doing the necessary research.  

Prototype model: The model involves specific steps to carry out a project, and each step needs to be considered carefully. When a person is making and working on such software, then it needs to know all the aspects related to it, and then it is to be structured.  

Also, market research is fundamental to carry to make a proper prototype, which is helpful for the clients. So this must be created very carefully.  

Waterfall Methodology: this is the trendy model and is very old, which is followed to do many projects. It follows a certain cycle and pattern for software development. The aspect of this model is that there cannot be any changes done it are followed in the same pattern.  

 Here the fact is that no other step can come before or after. It will be carried out in the same way as it is, so following such a methodology, some changes can be carried out, which is the most essential factor of the model.  

Agile Software Development Methodology: this is the technological aspect where changes are permanent, and it is indispensable to bring out new things, especially in this modern era. There is needed to make proper understanding to carry out such a model as this model is attached to changes related to its flexibility.  

Rapid Application Development Methodology: The model especially is to carry the project to the heights of success in the quickest time. It is influenced by the other projects in which speed is maintained at a very fast pace.  

Here the speed refers to the completion of the cycle which is involved in the project. The person also gets faster feedback, detection of errors, and the best possible solution at a very speedy rate.  

 Scrum Methodology: Scrum methodology is also the one that gains wide popularity and is highest in rank. It makes the work simple by diving into certain steps, which leads to a better working process and in an easy way. Everything is decided in advance and managed as  

  1. planning 
  2. meting  
  3. conclusion  

This step is followed in this sequence, which leads to the completion of the project systematically.  

Joint Application Development: here in this project, there is a proper way of interaction between different team members and various persons involved in this project, such as developers, users, and the designers. Different workshops and meetings are conducted to carry out such a model.  

The central part and aspect of such a model are to detect the errors and to solve them.  

Dynamic Systems Development Model Methodology: This model’s main factor is that a meager budget is involved. Also, a concise time limit is attached, which allows various users to carry out such a model in a sagacious way. When the steps are being followed in this model, then there is continuous feedback that goes on at every step. And this will ultimately bring the success of this model because it is going on with proper care and systematically.  

Also, this model is attached to agile development methodology. There is a need for proper research at each step, and accordingly, a different and unique approach is followed. So it is very flexible and designs in a very different way and changes are made to earn success. 

Spiral model: The model is developed to detect the errors at its very start of custom software development. It starts with smaller steps and reaches to the biggest complicated steps. Every stage takes the model to a different level and brings success.  

Everything is very sorted and clear such as feedback, detections of errors, and the correct solution to eliminate any kind of risk. So as the name suggests, each step is spirally moved. In this model, the cost can be managed and can be known in advance. Because at each stage, there is feedback and detection of the things, so one can easily know the cost resources and time needed to carry such a model.  


Such is the great methodologies in custom software development, which helps carry the project on its own basis. Now one can select according to the phase of the project, which will help carry the technological aspect in an effortless way.  

Laura Hartley is a software development designer and a writer. Before joining, she used to work in the IT industry

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