Why Mobile Security is More Important Than you Realise

Technology has advanced massively since the creation of the first mobile phone back in 1973, this was mass-produced by Motorola making it accessible to the public to own a mobile phone for the first time ever. Mobile phones started as a big, heavy device with limited functions, it could only support a 30-minute phone call and store 30 phone numbers as contacts. People continued to experiment with mobile phones and started adding more functions, the game snake came on all of the old Nokia phones, cameras were added, newer technology was created and used and it became possible to access the internet.

As phones have been developed to have more and more features people have come to rely on phones much more, it’s estimated that around 83% of working Americas use mobile phones to reply to work emails. People use their phones for most things without thinking about it but what many people don’t think about is the dangers associated with storing so much personal information on your phone and the importance of mobile security. Keep reading to learn about the risks associated with mobile phones and why mobile security is so important.

Why mobile security is important.

There are many reasons that mobile security is important that you should be aware of. If you have solid mobile security then any personal data that you’ve stored on your phone should be protected, your passwords will deny people access and antivirus software will prevent hackers from getting their hands on it either.

An example of personal data that could be stolen is that when banks went online and created apps, all of their client’s data was now potentially at risk. They had to ensure security for their clients to have confidence in this new way of doing things and they have a duty of care for their clients, it is widely known that Monzo, the international bank that operates only via the app is using the latest mobile app security standards to protect their clients. A technique that hackers use to try and access your personal data is that they attempt to spam your browser with unsolicited adverts, these adverts have malicious codes that then infect your mobile device and leave you vulnerable to having data stoles, luckily having strong mobile security blocks these adverts.

The scandals and failures of mobile security.

Any apps that you download are responsible for the security of your data but sometimes popular mobile applications will leave their users vulnerable to having their data stolen due to not having solid enough security. There are many examples of this happening including WhatsApp, there was a flaw in their systems which allowed hackers to attack their user’s accounts with malware simply by calling their phone, this was a major breach of data security since Facebook purchased WhatsApp there have been no issues of this kind. Another app that suffered from security issues is Walgreens, the pharmacy chain suffered a major data breach when an error in their software made it possible for their 60 million app users to see each other’s private messages which should have been secure.

Due to the work that Walgreens does the data stored on the app was sensitive information to each individual as it contained all of their prescription information which should have stayed private, on top of this it also leaked their names, store number, and shipping address. Some other big named companies that had breaches in their apps include Under Armour, Facebook, Wishbone, and many dating apps.

Laura Hartley is a software development designer and a writer. Before joining, she used to work in the IT industry